Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has named three professional wrestlers he considers to be the greatest ever. Before his venture to Hollywood, Johnson was known as The Rock during his tenure with the WWE. Johnson is considered one of the greatest to lace a pair of boots, as he became a fan favorite in the "Attitude Era" due to his comedic backstage segments, in-ring skill, and ability to "electrify" the WWE audience. Johnson hasn't been involved in a major feud for the WWE since his rivalry with John Cena, who is also slowly transitioning into Hollywood. However, this hasn't stopped him from remaining thankful for his time in WWE.

Since leaving the WWE, Johnson has become one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. Recently, he has appeared in several entries in the Fast & Furious franchise, beginning with 2011's Fast Five. In the series, Johnson plays Luke Hobbs, a muscle-bound federal agent looking to take down Dominic Toretto and his family. Johnson will return to portray Hobbs in the series' first-ever spinoff film, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, which will release later this year. While Johnson remains active in Hollywood, he always finds time to reminisce about his roots as an in-ring competitor. Johnson recently reflected on the 17th anniversary of his WrestleMania XVIII clash against Hulk Hogan and listed three wrestlers he felt paved the way for his career.

While reflecting on his bout with Hogan in an Instagram post, Johnson named three veterans that he considers to be the greatest wrestlers in professional wrestling. After mentioning how special it was to share the ring with Hogan, and crediting the legend as his childhood hero, Johnson credited Hogan amongst the greatest. Johnson feels that if it weren't for the contributions from Hogan, Ric Flair, and Steve Austin, landscape of the WWE today wouldn't have been possible. Check out Johnson's post below:

Johnson would go over in the match against Hogan and this would solidify the passing of the torch. There is no denying that all three of those men, along with Johnson, will someday be inducted into the WWE's Hall of Fame for their contributions to the company. However, while Johnson considers them the greatest in professional wrestling, there will be some who don't agree. The landscape of the WWE has indeed changed since Flair, Hogan, and Austin competed in the squared circle. While the three probably were the best of their era, modern fans will likely deem a more recent set of in-ring talent as the greatest. Despite that, Johnson's reflection on the three WWE veterans is a heartwarming reminder for the fans of today to remember who came before the current crop of performers.

While it's been several years since Johnson competed in a WWE ring, there is always a chance for him to lace up his boots one last time. Recognizing Austin, Hogan, and Flair as three of the greats is certainly an opinion "Attitude Era" fans can get behind, but modern fans may be quick to chime in their disagreements. As Johnson continues to grow as one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood today, it is always exciting to see him recognize where he originated from, and he will more than likely continue to do so till he retires from the big screen as well.