Robert Whittaker is well aware of Kelvin Gastelum’s shtick at UFC 234.

Whittaker was scheduled to defend his UFC middleweight title at the event against Gastelum. “The Reaper” couldn’t compete in front of his home country fans as he suffered a hernia in his abdomen. Gastelum released a classy statement wishing Whittaker well, but when the cameras rolled he was wearing a UFC title claiming to be the real 185-pound king.

Whittaker Responds To Gastelum’s Antics
In a video posted on GrangeTV, Whittaker compared Gastelum’s shtick to something a child would do (via

“You know when your kid finds your work belt at home and then he starts wearing it around the house? That’s kind of how I saw the whole thing. It was adorable. I feel bad for him that he trained and made the trip out here, and then I couldn’t give it to him. I apologize for that, but obviously my health comes first. It is what it is. … His health was looking a bit shocking, as well. It’s just one of those things. Maybe it was better for both of us.”

Other fighters have also criticized Gastelum for wearing UFC gold while Whittaker was hospitalized. Conor McGregor called Gastelum a “snake,” while Michael Bisping said that Gastelum’s shtick was “cringe.”