Fresh off the intense verbal exchange from moments prior, The New Day collided with Samoa Joe, Randy Orton and Elias in a major impromptu Six-Man Tag Team Match.

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Big E put their experience as a unit into motion from the jump, firing on all cylinders until Randy Orton blindsided Woods behind the official’s back, which allowed his smashmouth unit to take firm control. Elias, Samoa Joe and Orton attempted to isolate Woods, but the temperature of the match changed when the WWE Champion finally tagged into the contest. During a wild free-for-all between all six competitors, Joe ensnared Woods in a Coquina Clutch at ringside, and The Living Truth dropped Big E with a knee to prevent the big man from freeing his partner. Elias reentered the ring, only to be met with a swift Trouble in Paradise from Kofi, but The Apex Predator immediately struck the WWE Champion with an RKO for the victory.

Joe, Elias and Orton turned in an impressive victory by taking down the trio of titleholders, but The Viper made the definitive statement at the expense of the WWE Champion.