Mumbai Indians need one win from their final two games to go through. AFP

It's that time of the IPL season, when teams are no longer only dependent on their own performances to qualify (some still do!) for the playoffs. After 48 games in the tournament (12 for each team), two playoffs spots have been taken by Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals respectively. Six other teams remain in contention for the final two berths. Here's what they have to do to make the next stage.

Points Table

Teams Matches Won Lost Points NRR
DC 12 8 4 16 0.233
CSK 12 8 4 16 -0.113
MI 12 7 5 14 0.347
SRH 12 6 6 12 0.709
KKR 12 5 7 10 0.1
KXIP 12 5 7 10 -0.296
RR 12 5 7 10 -0.321
RCB 12 4 8 8 -0.694

Delhi Capitals - Qualified

Remaining fixtures: vs CSK (A), May 1; vs RR (H), May 4

DC have also qualified and with two games to go they finish in top two if they win both. Like CSK, they can also finish in top two with one win or none, if other results go their way.

Chennai Super Kings - Qualified

Remaining fixtures: vs DC (H), May 1; vs KXIP (A), May 5

With 16 points from 12 games, CSK were the first side to qualify for the Play Offs in 2019. If they win both their remaining games, they are assured of a top two spot. They can get there with one win or even two losses if other results go their way.

Mumbai Indians

Remaining fixtures: vs SRH (H), May 2; vs KKR (H), May 5

MI are in a healthy position with 14 points in 12 matches. A win in their last two games they are through and two wins would most certainly help them for a top two finish.

MI can qualify even with 14 points if other results pan out in a way with multiple teams (up to four) finishing on 14 points. MI currently have the second best NRR behind SRH and that keeps them in good stead to qualify in the case of a 14-point tie.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Remaining fixtures: vs MI (A), May 2; vs RCB (A), May 4

A win in their final home fixture against KXIP has strengthened SRH's case. They are definitely through if they win both their remaining matches.

If they win only one of their remaining games, SRH will end with 14 points and could end up in a tie with one or more teams and NRR will come into contention. Their NRR is the best among the eight teams and will mostly take them though in case of an NRR clash.

How can SRH go through with 12 points?

For SRH to qualify with 12 points, none of KKR, KXIP and RR should win both their remaining games. If so, up to five sides can end with 12 points each and SRH's healthy NRR should take them through.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Remaining fixtures: vs KXIP (A), May 3; vs MI (A), May 5

What happens if KKR win both their remaining fixtures?

If KKR win both their remaining games, they would get to 14 points and might be tied with one or more teams and their current NRR of +0.100 will be boosted further with two additional wins.

If KKR come on top in both their matches left and SRH lose to MI and RCB and RR lose to either or both RCB and DC, KKR can qualify with 14 points not relying on NRR.

Can KKR get through with 12 points?

Yes. If KKR beat MI and lose to KXIP, they would require SRH to lose to both MI and RCB, RR lose to at least one of RCB or DC and CSK to beat KXIP. In that case, KKR will be tied on 12 points with more than one team and a positive NRR will help their passage into the playoffs.

If KKR beat KXIP and lose to MI, KKR would need SRH to lose both their matches and RR to lose at least one. If so, KKR will be on level with 12 points with multiple teams and NRR becoming the deciding factor.

Kings XI Punjab

Remaining fixtures: vs KKR (H), May 3; vs CSK (H), May 5

Like last year, KXIP lost momentum midway losing five out of their last six matches after winning four of their first six games. A loss against SRH has put their case in a precarious position.

What will happen if KXIP win both their remaining fixtures?

They could get eliminated on points even if they win both their remaining games if SRH wins both their matches left and MI beat KKR.

They could get eliminated on NRR even if MI lose both their remaining games and SRH lose to RCB. In that case, multiple teams would get tied on 14 points each but KXIP's NRR being in the arrears wouldn't help their cause.

Is the 12-point scenario applicable to KXIP also?

Yes. For that to happen, none of KKR, SRH and RR should win any of their remaining games. But unlike KKR, KXIP have a negative NRR and this might not be the best scenario for KXIP.

Rajasthan Royals

Remaining fixtures: vs RCB (A), April 30; vs DC (A), May 4

How can RR get eliminated even if they win both their remaining matches?

If SRH win both their matches and MI beat KKR, RR stand eliminated.

They can be tied on 14 points with one or more sides, but a poor NRR of -0.321 will pip them out of contention for the Playoffs spots.

The 12-point scenario?

For RR to qualify on 12 points, SRH should lose both their remaining games and both KXIP and KKR should lose at least one of theirs. A negative NRR for RR impedes the possibility of an RR qualification even on that scenario.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Remaining fixtures: vs RR (H), April 30; vs SRH (H), May 4

Another IPL campaign might end in despair for RCB. They are the worst placed among the eight teams now with eight points and can reach a maximum of 12 should they win their remaining games.

They could get eliminated even if they win both matches, if:

i) SRH win at least one of their remaining matches

ii) Either of KKR, KXIP or RR win both their remaining matches

The only remote possibility of them qualifying is if they beat both RR and SRH, MI beat SRH and both KKR and KXIP not win more than one match. Having said that, RCB have the worst NRR among all the eight teams which put onus on them to win their remaining matches by huge margins.