On the latest episode of Miz & Mrs., The A-Lister finally set out to learn French with the help of a WWE-sponsored online course. But he took a break from his studies long enough to realize that he was in the Twilight Zone - or, more to the point, the ďMarMiz Zone.Ē In this strange realm, everyone is being extra nice! Maryse is breaking down boxes, being extra affectionate and putting a cute teddy bear into his travel bag. She and Marjo were even making him breakfast! What was going on?!

Then, when he misinterpreted a word that his wife was saying in her native language, he thinks he has figured out the reason why things had been so different. Naturally, Maryse must be pregnant! Right?! Right?!

As a result of his revelation, Miz decides to surprise his loving spouse at dinner with a mariachi band, a bag of baby-mama gifts and his parents. The only problem Ö Maryse isnít actually expecting. Oops!

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