Meanwhile, at Good Brother HQ, Karl Andersonís impromptu ďbrother pumpĒ session in the backyard got some unexpected spotters when his oldest sons joined in and did 20 minutes of burpees with the former Raw Tag Team Champion.

Some unseen onlooker ó presumably Karlís wife ó documented the training sesh with a quick video, which the good brother posted along with a telling bit detailing how life in WWE is different from his well-documented and highly accomplished career in Japan. Take a look at the clip below, and keep up those pumps, brother. With Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev breathing down your neck, youíre gonna need it.

Karl Anderson

When I decided to do a #BrotherPump in the backyard I didnít realize , my 3 oldest boys would rip their shirts off n join me..
And they did all 20 minutes with me 😂..@wwe has brought me a connection with my family, being home weekly , that I didnít have in Japan..#TooSweet