As Adam Cole found out, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

The NXT Champion’s planned title defense was exposed as just another attempt by The Panama City Playboy to needle Johnny Gargano, after Cole revealed that his hand-chosen challenger would be Twan Tucker, the Cleveland-area wrestler-in-training whom Gargano encouraged to follow his dreams on Target: TakeOver XXV (and whom Cole mocked on his Bay Bay Championship Tour). Cole promised the WWE hopeful a fair fight and explained that he had come alone, sans any other Undisputed ERA members.

The same could not be said for Tucker. Rather than take Cole up on his offer, Tucker revealed that he brought backup in the form of Johnny Wrestling!

A look of deep concern overtook Cole’s face as Gargano made a beeline to the ring, sparking a wild fistfight that sprawled throughout Full Sail Live. Despite Cole’s desperate attempts to get out of Dodge, Gargano stayed on the attack, rapping Cole with cathartic lefthanded haymakers as they filed up and down the bleachers and eventually onto the entrance stage, where NXT referees managed to temporarily halt the melee. The reprieve was brief, however, ending when Gargano dove off the stage and onto Cole.

The fight then carried into the ring, where Gargano blasted The Undisputed ERA leader with superkicks and cinched on the Gargano Escape. The NXT Champion frantically tapped out while NXT officials struggled to pry the irate Gargano off Cole. Gargano eventually relented, but as he left up the ramp, he held up three fingers, making it abundantly clear that he’s searching for a championship rubber match against his bitter foe.

Shortly after NXT went off the air, NXT General Manager William Regal granted Gargano’s wish, announcing that Cole and Gargano will meet in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match at TakeOver: Toronto. Each Superstar will get to choose the stipulation for a fall, and if the match goes to a third fall, Regal will decide the stipulation, all but guaranteeing an end to the legendary rivalry.