Young fans watch the game Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

Which is the better T20 team - France or Argentina?

For fans not tuned into the minutiae of Associate cricket, it's now possible to answer this question, or at least have an informed idea, with the ICC expanding its men's T20I rankings to 80 teams.

Last year, the ICC decided to award T20I status to all T20 matches between its members, swelling the list of T20I teams from 18 to 104. All teams that have played a minimum of six T20Is against other ICC members since May 2016 now feature in the expanded rankings.

The first expanded rankings list has Pakistan at one end with 286 points, and Indonesia, China, Gambia, Swaziland, Rwanda and Lesotho at the other with no points against their names. In between, some interesting movement has taken place, with Nepal moving to 11th to sit above two Test-playing nations in Zimbabwe (13th) and Ireland (15th).

Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Cameroon and Bermuda are yet to play the requisite number of matches to feature on the rankings table.

As for France, or Argentina, or any other team you might be a fan of - click here to find out.