Lewis Hamilton has cautioned Formula 1 rival Daniel Ricciardo not to alienate Red Bull Racing while negotiations about his future with the team continue.
Ricciardo, whose current contract expires this year, has yet to sign a deal for 2019, and has been mentioned in connection with Mercedes and Ferrari, who will potentially have seats available after this season.

Mercedes driver Hamilton warned Ricciardo that coveting a seat at another team can ruin your relationship with your current employer.

The Briton reckons that is a particularly sensitive issue this year, as he believes Ricciardo could be fighting for the title.

"An important thing really is to look at the history of drivers, and things that drivers have said in the past, and try not to alienate the team that you're in," said Hamilton during Thursday's press conference ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.

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"It's all good and well hoping at some stage to experience something new at another team.

"But there's a lot of people in our teams, and it's really important to keep them encouraged and focussed on you as a driver, to help you achieve your goal.

"There are some drivers of recent years who have made bad decisions in upsetting and rocking the boat.

"He's in a great place still, Red Bull I think this year can really have a fighting chance to win the championship.

"An opinion of where you might want to go if it's not where he currently is may shift."

Source: motorsport.com