It goes without saying, but for Australia to have a real chance of beating India in the five-match ODI series they must find a way to limit the influence of Virat Kohli, the greatest one-day player of all time.

That's the view of Australia captain Aaron Finch, who shrugged and smiled when asked what strategies are left to dismiss the peerless Kohli in one-day international cricket.

"I think everyone's tried everything," Finch said.

"He's the greatest one-day player of all time. His record speaks for itself. It's unbelievable.

"You have to get him early, it's as simple as that.

"If he gives you half a chance you have to take it otherwise once he gets in he's so dominating and tough to get out."

In 214 ODI innings he has scored 10,533 runs at an average of 59.50 with 39 centuries and 49 fifties.

At home, his average jumps to 62.07 and in the second innings it goes up to 68.40 with 24 hundreds, the most ever.

But, if there is one solace for Finch, Kohli's average against Australia is slightly lower compared to other nations.

Against teams he's batted against at least 15 times, Kohli's average of 51.34 is second lowest only to England (44.48). Against the West Indies he averages a remarkable 70.76.

"We've seen in the past we've had some success against him," Finch said. "He's had a lot of success against us as well.

"It's about being as disciplined as you can, for as long as you can. If you let him dictate and get away early, it can be hard to catch up.

"You just have to be as good as you can early, especially his first 10-15 balls, really challenge his defence.

"And you need a bit of luck at times too, no doubt. He's an unbelievable player."

Australia and India are familiar foes of late having faced each other in 12 matches across the three formats since November.

While Kohli is expecting few surprises from the visitors, what he is planning for is a fierce contest against an Australian outfit with plenty of experience playing in Indian conditions.

"We were talking at practice today that Australia probably have a better idea of playing in Indian conditions because of the number of guys who have been playing IPL for two months of the year and practicing what they need to every time they come here," Kohli said,

"So they're pretty used to playing in these conditions and knowing how best to play in these conditions.

"We will have to be at our absolute best. And nothing can be taken lightly.

"An Australian team on their day, when they play well they bat well, bowl well and field well.

"They do everything to precise detail.

"So as an opposition you have to better than that. And that's something we have done in the past as a team, and it's just about getting into that zone again.

"Eleven guys pushing forward, trying to win every ball for the team.

"That's what it will take to beat a side that has momentum at the moment."