NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush is in the middle of thanking Akira Tozawa for bringing the fight when Angel Garza shows up, looking for a fight himself.

Next week on WWE NXT, NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush will defend the title in a rematch against Angel Garza. However, tonight, the two rivals have hand-picked each otherís opponents as they prepare for their high-stakes battle.

For Garza, The Man of the Hour chose Raul Mendoza, for whom Rush has developed a great respect. The NXT Cruiserweight Champion was pushed to the limit by Mendoza and wants Garza to experience the same level of competition from Mendoza.

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Before I get my hands on you Wednesday @AngelGarzaWwe... You get to go-one-one with @raulMendozaWWE tonight on #205Live. Trust me, I been in the ring with @raulMendozaWWE and he can go. Letís see how battle tested you are for the #MOTH.

3:42 AM - Dec 7, 2019
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Garza responded to Rushís pick by choosing the hard-hitting Danny Burch. Following the British Superstarís performance last week, Garza is certain heíll bring that same level of intensity against The Man of the Hour.

Angel 😇 Garza


Ah, @itsLioRush... I will beat @raulMendozaWWE tonight with pleasure😇. In return, you can face @Strongstylebrit. Danny impressed me last week and I know he will put a goooooood hurting on you tonight 😈. Please shine my title before Wednesday please. 😈😇Enjoy your match 😈😇

3:45 AM - Dec 7, 2019
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