"We owed something to Pakistan because they are there for us, because they always helped us" - SLC President Shammi Silva Getty

Despite having a smooth tour of Pakistan, SLC President Shammi Silva isn't too satisfied with how things panned out and isn't sure if they will be touring Pakistan again any time soon.

Due to stringent security measures, the players were asked to stay put in the team hotels in the packed schedule for matches held in Lahore and Karachi. "Players had to stay inside their hotel. I was there and though I stayed for 3-4 days, I got fed up (about it). We have to think about that and discuss with the players and support staff. We are playing the Test Championship and we want to do well in that too," Silva was quoted as saying by Island Cricket.

While stating that staying put in the hotel had its upsides in terms of team bonding and security of players, he added that the downsides far outweighed it.

"Frankly in my opinion, it was good team bonding when they are staying in the hotel without their wives. Too much of freedom is also bad for the players. But, they have to go out to do shopping, they have to eat somewhere, all those things are there. They have to go out and see the world. They can't stay inside the hotel."

Sri Lanka finished the tour with a clean sweep of the T20I series after having lost the ODIs 2-0. While stating that process of travelling to the venue for the limited overs series was exhausting, he added that it might be tough for the teams to return and go through the same process for multi-day games.

"We have to reassess and see about Test matches. We owed something to Pakistan because they are there for us, because they always helped us. We were willing to bear that up (security hassle), but the problem is how much we could bear?

"I heard security there is getting better. I don't know because we were not allowed to go out, so may be by next year we might suddenly see Australia or England come and play.