The draft list of 38 nominations has been pruned down to 30 after objections were received on the draft nominations. Agencies

The BCCI's electoral officer, N Gopalaswami, has disqualified the nominations from 5 state associations and 3 government bodies - Armed Forces/Services, Haryana Cricket Association (HCA), Indian Railways, Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA), Manipur Cricket Association, Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA), Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association and Association of Indian Universities - in the final electoral roll for the upcoming BCCI Annual General Meeting, set to be held on October 23.

The draft list of 38 nominations has been pruned down to 30 after objections were received on the draft nominations. The nominees were allowed to respond to the Electoral Officer on the charges against them. TNCA, HCA and MCA were debarred after they were "determined to be non-compliant by the CoA", while Rajkumar Imo Singh and Rajiv Shukla failed to give an adequate response to the objections against them.

Over 100 objections were made against the nominees, with MPCA member Sanjeev Gupta alone filing complaints against the nomination of seven members, including Shukla, R Ramasammy (TNCA), Mrinal Ojha (HCA) and Riyaz Bagban (Maharashtra Cricket Association.

Other than Gupta, at least two members of UPCA also raised objections over Rajiv Shukla's nomination. In a five-pointer complaint sent by Pradeep Singh, he objected to Shukla's nomination on issues ranging from his non-residency in Uttar Pradesh to his association with a hockey body (Hockey India), among others.

Rajkumar Imo Singh, on the other hand, has been disqualified for holding a public office - a Congress MLA - hasn't reacted to the complaint from the Electoral Officer. He is disqualified under Rule 6(e)(iv) of the Manipur Cricket Association constitution and Rule 6(5)(d) of the BCCI constitution.

While Shukla failed to give an adequate response, the likes of Rajat Sharma (Delhi and Districts Cricket Association), Brijesh Patel (Karnataka Cricket Association) and Raju Singh Chauhan (Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association) were cleared.

More than 25 objections were raised against Rajat Sharma's nomination over his appointment as the representative of the state unit without the approval of the general body and the violation of rule 6(5)(d), wherein Delhi MLA OPA Sharma is allowed to continue in his role as a secretary.

Brijesh Patel, the former president of Karnataka State Cricket Association, had a criminal case (Case No 31672 in Adugodi Police Station) pending against him. However, since he wasn't charged of the offence, and retains his position as KSCA's representative in the election.

The Indian Railways, Armed Forces/Services and Association of Indian Universities were found ineligible as their nomination was not from the association of former players, which violated Rule 3(a)(ii)(e)/(f)/(g) respectively of the BCCI constitution.

The fight continues

Having been debarred from attending the BCCI AGM, Cricbuzz understands that the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association and Haryana Cricket Association are going to take the matter to court on Monday (October 14). The two associations believe that the Committee of Administrators and the electoral officer do not have the right to stop them from attending the AGM.