Arsenal coach Unai Emery can steer the club to a Champions League final, director Josh Kroenke has told the Telegraph.

He said he believed Emery had the dedication to create the same success that Sean McVay has had on NFL side the LA Rams, also owned by the Kroenke family.

The Rams face the New England Patriots in Sunday's Super Bowl in Atlanta, and Kroenke said he believed there were strong similarities between their head coach McVay and Emery.

"We feel like we have a great teacher in Unai," he said. "I think he and Sean are very comparable in the way they approach their craft on a daily basis.

"There is a lot of data they break down. They are very active on the practice pitch. Their styles are similar, even though they are half a world apart.

"Unai's energy is contagious and his dedication is immense. They love what they do and are leaders. The players want to run through a wall for them.

"The only thing on a par with the Super Bowl is Arsenal making the Champions League final. It is something we are very focused on."

Arsenal travel to Manchester City in the Premier League on Sunday as they continue their battle for a place in the top four and qualification for the Champions league, having missed out on the competition last year under former boss Arsene Wenger.

"We have obviously been through a period of change following a manager leaving after 22 years. A lot of things come along with a transition of that magnitude," Kroenke said.

"Everyone in sports wants success right away. When you look at Liverpool, when they changed to their manager, it took a little time.

"We have some things we are trying to implement as quickly as possible, but it takes time to get things as you want. There are a few boxes still to tick.

"The main currency in sport is wins, and we want them just as much as the fans do."