Only Dan Ricciardo could tell someone to “shut the f*ck” up and become even more loved on the back of it.

The new Renault driver had a day from hell at the Australian Grand Prix after having his front wing ripped off in the first five seconds, getting lapped by the race winner and eventually retiring on lap 32.

In an interview with Dutch broadcaster Ziggo Sport after the race one of WA’s greatest exports, who usually has no problem with his focus, struggled to concentrate because of the BBC’s Jenni Gow, who was standing just behind him delivering a very loud report into her roaming microphone.

After answering a couple of questions under duress, Ricciardo stopped and apologised for his distraction.

“I’m sorry I can’t concentrate, she’s talking too loud,” he said.

He then took a cheeky look over his shoulder before uttering under his breath: “Shut the f*ck up”.

What would normally be a cutting line somehow came across more lighthearted when he flashed his toothy grin immediately after delivering it.

And that was how it was taken by Gow, who was made aware of it later on social media.