BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Given the ending of last week’s Raw, you could imagine Rusev was very much looking forward to facing Randy Orton in the opening match of this week’s show. Unfortunately, things didn't quite go as expected. Not only did Orton and King Corbin jump the former United States Champion before the match even started, but Bobby Lashley appeared on the TitanTron in the middle of the pre-match brawl while wearing Rusev’s robe and apparently broadcasting live from The Super Athlete’s bedroom.

As The All Mighty made a show of climbing into Rusev’s bed, he pointed out that something was missing … and right on cue, Lana walked in, wearing a scant-looking shift. “Everything we own is now in my name, and we don’t have joint checking accounts anymore. It’s all mine,” said The Ravishing Russian as she slid beneath the covers next to the former Intercontinental Champion, who scolded Rusev for sending money to his family in Bulgaria rather than spoiling his wife before turning out the lights.

Orton and Corbin had quite the laugh at The Super Athlete’s expense, and he made them pay, ferociously attacking both his foes around the ringside area with steel steps and kicks. Saying he “snapped” would be putting it mildly, but the state of Rusev’s marriage aside, there is a silver lining where the Team Hogan-Team Flair rivalry is concerned for Crown Jewel. As bad as things have gotten for Rusev, he is certainly motivated to dish out some punishment.