Aaron Finch is among six players in the 2019 World Cup squad that tasted success in the 2015 edition of the tournament Getty

There have been plenty of positives in the last few months to make Aaron Finch believe that Australia will be a force in the 2019 World Cup. The series win in India, then against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates and the return of Steve Smith and David Warner have only boosted the side. The biggest advantage, however, according to Australia ODI captain is their experience of winning the World Cup.

"I think it's a big advantage, just to know what it takes to win a World Cup and what it takes to manage your way through a campaign which can be difficult," Finch said on Friday (May 10). "You have to be at your best at the business end but you can't afford to let anything slip at the start. Six guys who have been there and done that will give a lot of experience to the others of what to expect, what to feel walking out there because it is different.

"When you talk so much about it, when it finally happens it's a relief to be looking forward. The fact everyone is together and getting on great, the boys are pumped to ramp up the preparations. It really is the time of your life a World Cup so that will be awesome."

While both Smith and Warner have shown form just ahead of the World Cup, Australia still need to sort out some of the combinations of the batting order.

Though it's almost certain Warner and Finch will open the attack, and Smith will bat at No. 3, Australia are still undecided on who will take the No. 4 slot. Usman Khawaja, with his recent purple patch at the top of the order, is also in the mix for a top-order role.

Finch stressed they are still searching for several answers but aren't too bothered at the moment. "I think it's just about giving everyone an opportunity at the top of the order to get some game time as much as anything. I think it's a good opportunity to mix and match and with the three games in the UK we might keep everyone guessing a bit, but the honest answer is, no, we don't have a definitive answer on what that will look like at the moment. There are a lot of questions still to be answered but we are in a great place to do that," he pointed out.

Finch also praised Smith and Warner for their efforts as the team tried to work towards a common goal. "The boys have been brilliant, all the work off the field with the team has been great. It's an interesting time, no doubt, when they are coming back in but still a great opportunity for everyone to learn off them as well. They have so much experience and what they bring to the group is really valuable," the captain said. "They are two of the best players in the world which is valuable to have at your disposal."