The upcoming weekly show for All Elite Wrestling, soon to premiere on TNT, gets a new name and a new poster. The reveal of the new name comes just as the wrestling promotion is set to make its mark on Wednesday nights.

AEW was first conceived as a bit of a dare. Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer remarked that Ring of Honor, a veteran independent wrestling promotion, could not sell ten thousand tickets for an event. Cody and The Young Bucks, a tag team comprised of Matt and Nick Jackson, were top stars in ROH at the time and they responded to Meltzerís comments by promoting the All In event, which sold out in 30 minutes. All In also had the distinction of featuring the largest attendance for a professional wrestling event, outside of WWE and the defunct WCW. The event led to rumors that Cody and The Bucks had hopes of creating their own promotion. Those rumors were proven correct and now that promotion, AEW, is gearing up for its weekly show on TNT with a fresh title and a colorful poster which highlights what has arguably been the promotionís best match to date.

AEWís weekly show will be titled Dynamite. Airing live on TNT, in primetime, starting on October 2nd, the poster for Dynamite includes a moment from the emotional and often unpredictable bout between two brothers: Dustin, known to many as Goldust in WWE, and Cody. The two are among the most prominent talent on AEWís roster, considering their notable runs in other promotions, though the wrestlers in AEW are a blend of veterans and newcomers. Current AEW World Champion Chris Jericho will lead the promotion, as will Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega, but fresh faces like MJF and Nyla Rose have also factored heavily into TNTís promotional efforts.

Fans, and even some critics, have speculated on the possibility that AEW could emerge as a threat to WWE. Though the wrestlers themselves have largely dismissed such narratives, wishing each other well and urging viewers to show their support by being positive, it is undeniable that WWE has made at least a few moves to counter AEW. NXT will air live on Wednesdays, on the USA Network, in opposition to Dynamite. Previously, for most of its run, it had been taped in advance and shown on WWEís streaming platform.

Regardless, itís an exciting time to be a wrestling enthusiast. Along with the impending debut of AEW's weekly show, and any possible rivalries between companies, WWE is making its own plans. Smackdown is moving to FOX in October, in a network shift which is is being treated as must-see, with a title match between Kofi Kingston and Brock Lesnar, as well as a draft which will kick off shortly after. The promotions in North America are both vying for the attention of long-time fans, likely even lapsed ones. In the end, itís those fans who win.