Honestly, this could make for some very compelling television indeed
From the looks of it, sources suggest that Stomping Grounds tickets have not really been selling all that well. Moreover, the viewership for WWE RAW hasn't been the best either in recent weeks.

And the only reason for this is when you put a three-hour-long product out; unless it is riddled with surprises, it is not going to retain the audience for the duration of the broadcast. WWE has become a by-the-numbers show in the recent past.

In this article, I will suggest 5 surprises that can actually get the crowd enthusiastic and kicked about next week's RAW episode. If they were to happen during the course of the show, I think the audience would watch the show for the duration of the telecast and also tune in the following week.

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One of the main problems with WWE right now is that despite them having a stacked roster, they let feuds continue meaninglessly for weeks and months together. This is the sad reality of WWE, where way too many talented souls who'd do extremely well outside the company are benched for no reason at all.

Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman had a pretty good feud leading into WWE Super ShowDown and they also had exactly the kind of match they needed to have at the show. The need of the hour is to have Bobby Lashley in a program that actually matters, one that the fans want to see.

Having Lashley square off with Brock Lesnar will solve this problem. Because of the similar MMA background that both men share, fans have wanted this clash for some time now.

#4 John Cena becomes the 24/7 Champion from a movie set

I know that the situation I'm going to outline is a little out there, but the title in itself is so insane, that I ask you to bear with me while I detail the following insane scenario. We know that R-Truth is locked in a box and that he is headed to California. What if the box ends up on a Hollywood set in due course of time?

The box could open and R-Truth could see John Cena filming a movie on set. This could be a cross-promotional exercise where WWE gets eyeballs on a movie in return for them allowing WWE to film on the set. R-Truth could be thrilled to see his friend John Cena once again.

Only, Cena could end up winning the 24/7 Championship on set. R-Truth could somehow trick him into becoming Champion by the end of the night.

#3 Beth Phoenix turns heel, helps Lacey Evans

We know that Becky Lynch is the hottest star in the company at the moment. There is no way that she's going to turn heel anytime soon, even though some of her actions online have been quite heelish.

But then she's been engaging in quite a war of words with Beth Phoenix online, these days. As cool as it was to see Beth Phoenix return to action not long ago, ever since then, she's not really had the kind of impact that one would have really hoped.

What if Beth Phoenix comes out of the crowd all of a sudden and attacks Becky Lynch when she least expects it? And this takes the war from Twitter all the way to the ring, because Beth vs. Becky Lynch is a pretty big deal.

Maybe the hotly anticipated match could take place at SummerSlam this year?!

#2 Ladder match announced for WWE Stomping Grounds

"When it comes to getting what I want, there is no such thing as 'too far'." - #USChampion @samoaJoe #RAW pic.twitter.com/P3y8VFGTsS

WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) June 11, 2019
Samoa Joe was merciless as he choked out Rey Mysterio shortly after the latter relinquished his United States Championship due to the injury that he suffered. Thankfully, a whole bunch of WWE Superstars have stepped up to the plate and are vying for the Championship that Joe holds. They are Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley, The Miz, Cesaro, and the 'one and only', Ricochet.

WWE can never go wrong with a ladder match, can they? When Superstars of this calibre are involved, you are sure to have a match for the ages. And if Samoa Joe were to win the ladder match, it would establish him as the top dog of the RAW mid-card.

As it stands, there is no excitement around the United States Championship, or indeed around WWE Stomping Grounds. WWE really needs a multi-man ladder match to happen, to rectify this.

#1 AJ Styles gets announced as the special guest referee

Why would Baron Corbin pick AJ Styles as the special guest referee for his match against Seth Rollins, right? After all, AJ Styles is a babyface and Corbin is the biggest heel in the business.

What you guys must remember is that AJ Styles and Seth Rollins had a very heated rivalry heading into WWE Money in the Bank recently. The two men put on a great match and even though it seemed like their feud had ended for the time being we all know that AJ Styles won't rest until he comes the Universal Champion.

What if AJ Styles returns only to attack Seth Rollins and then Corbin names him as the special guest referee for their big match? This would completely change the dynamics of the current Universal Championship picture.

Would you like to see AJ Styles as the next Universal Champion?