Its time for Shane McMahon to become champion!
Is putting Shane McMahon in the WWE title picture best for business?

While a lot of fans will gawk at that question in utter disgust and rant endlessly about the company's past decisions, they don't seem to understand the kind of impact that making a McMahon hold the title could have. In fact, they fail to realize the long term effects of making the move, which could benefit WWE in various ways.

Or, it could flop, and die a slow painful death after enough fans threaten to stop watching, which is really a disservice to the storytelling WWE is attempting here! With that being said, and the rumor being floated around the internet that McMahon's son is next in line for the WWE title, here are five reasons why it would be best for business!

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tell us what long term effects you think it would have on the company.

#5 Makes Kofi Kingston look strong in defeat

Let's be honest here.

One of the biggest reasons this will be hard to do is the fact that it involves taking the title off of Kofi Kingston and that will hit a sour note with a lot of fans. It will also put an end to what was a pretty extraordinary run as champion by Kingston, who has taken the ball he was given and ran with it effortlessly.

In the end, however, if Shane McMahon versus Kofi Kingston is on the horizon and McMahon finds a cheat to win, it will get fans behind Kingston irrespective of the result. It also gives him a chance at a few rematches, thus giving him a chance to remain in the timeline for a bit longer.

#4 Makes Shane McMahon the biggest heel

Shane McMahon could be WWE's biggest heel soon!
Another thing the WWE Universe needs to be honest about is the fact that Shane McMahon is on the cusp of becoming the biggest heel in the company and the result will reap major benefits as a result. Think about it! Shane McMahon is that heel you want to see get clocked in the face and whoever does it will surely be the company's next big thing.

Beyond that, Shane McMahon becoming the new WWE champion will almost ensure a faction of muscle to protect the champion, which will give guys like McIntyre, The Revival and others who can join the group a big role in weekly programming. It also could lead to a babyface turn, depending on how they play it.

With that being said, this is yet another great benefit for the WWE and gives several deserving stars high profile roles in the process. In the end, its a win-win for everyone involved and will result in an attitude era type programming that could be enough to sway fans back to the product.

#3 Creates a major storyline heading into FOX deal

Think about how much interest this could generate for WWE heading into their Fox deal.
Believe it or not, SmackDown Live is only a few months away from switching over to Fox Sports in the fall and will need an overriding storyline in order to keep fans hooked from the beginning. Interestingly enough, making Shane McMahon champion either before or after the switch to FOX could be the money match they need to sell fans.

Think about it this way. Shane McMahon gains the belt sometime during the summer and is put against the company's best babyface for the title. Who this could be will be revealed later, but for now, think about the impact something like that would have. Not only would it establish that person as a fan favorite hero if they win, but it also ends the McMahons oppressive regime.

Or maybe WWE could keep Kingston champion leading into the deal and have him get screwed by Shane McMahon in the main event of the first SmackDown Live. At least that way, fans have a reason to come back the next week, it also sets the stage for a hero to emerge and topple McMahon.

#2 Eases Roman Reigns into the title picture

In all honesty, Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon is one of the hottest storylines in WWE right now and while some of that has to do with McMahon's ability as a heel, it also has to do with Reigns jelling as a babyface. In fact, fans seem more and more in favor of him then ever and that' feelings only going to grow if McMahon becomes champion

Of course, the obvious problem with putting the title on Roman Reigns is that it has to be organic and not forced, but it one has to admit it doesn't feel forced at this point at all. In fact, between the polarizing responses he receives and how generally despised Shane McMahon is, one could argue that it's as organic as it's going to get.

Again, there's always going to be disputes about when and when isn't the right time to make Reigns champion, but a lot of those that opt for doing it later is only putting off the inevitable. Beyond that, they are doing so at a time when WWE needs a money feud to please their new network.

#1 Epic heel turn possibilities

Finn Balor could be WWE's next biggest heel!
Who knows! Maybe Roman Reigns doesn't even have to be the hero immediately. Maybe WWE can pick Finn Balor as the hero to topple McMahon and then have Reigns turn heel and join the authority to kick off his first singles heel run. At least that way, it would still benefit Reigns, it would be something new and fans would finally get to see Reigns as a heel

Even better! What if Finn Balor was revealed as McMahon's latest henchmen and have him battle Roman Reigns for awhile. Shane McMahon could even help Balor win the title and go on a long run on his own. Either way, these are interesting options that offer long term benefits for the company moving forward and could help save careers as well.

In the end, there are a lot of interesting possibilities WWE could create with a role like that, maybe even putting Big E as McMahon's new henchmen as a way to stab Kofi Kingston in the back. In all honesty, that would probably be one of the biggest shocks in WWE history and set the stage for the revival of Langston's career.