In this section you will find the best invites/accounts/bonuses even seedboxes!

The following users can post, apply and open their own giveaways or requests in the VIP Section:

  • Donors. If you want to support us and gain access as well, fill out THIS FORM.
  • Users with 30 or more iTraders/Feedbacks. If you already meet this requirement Contact Us and we may grant you access to the VIP section.
  • Access assigned by staff at their discretion to users they feel contribute something special to the site. Anyone begging for VIP status will be automatically disqualified.

We are trying to make this section even more special, so we will be moderating all of the new threads from this point on to ensure the highest standard of quality is maintained within the VIP Giveaways Section. Threads that are not deemed worthy will be rejected and moved to the Normal GiveAways Section.

If you can't visit the VIP GiveAways Section at this time, these are SOME OF the GiveAways we've had in the VIP Section so far: ★ BTNPTP ★ Apollo ★ LzTr ★ BitMe ★ BitMeTV ★ Pedro's ★ CHDbits HDWing ★ HDCenter ★ Waffles ★ Music-Vid ★ ★ PTN ★ BitHumen ★ nCore ★ AND MANY MORE Invites/Accounts/Bonuses/SeedBoxes