Samsung is among the few makers yet to release notched displays, but the maker might be about to succumb to the peer pressure. A new set of listings revealed that the South Korean company has patented a design featuring a screen with a prominent cutout.

It will house a proximity sensor, earpiece, and a selfie camera, while the screen stretches to all four sides, leaving minimal bezels. The back, though, is pictured with various camera setups, one of them suspiciously close to the one on the iPhone X.

Looking at the images, it seems Samsung has patented all the designs just in case. The dual setup can be seen placed horizontally in the upper left corner with and without antenna bands coming through it. There is also a vertical setup that reminisces of the Apple flagship and of course a variant with the usual camera placement for Samsung - in the center.

The second document, found at SIPO, reveals that Samsung has a 100% screen-to-body phone on the drawing board. It has no bezels whatsoever, leaving us scratching our heads what will happen with the earpiece and the selfie camera. The patent might also be for a new type of screen protection, probably some sort of in-house scratch-resistant glass. That way Samsung will stop buying Gorilla Glass components from Corning, but at this point, we are just speculating.