OnePlus has just posted the full changelog of its newest versions of Oxygen OS’ Open Beta builds. The OnePlus 3 is on version 32 while the OnePlus 3T finds itself on version 23. Both of these builds are identical and bring the same features. Sadly, the update doesn’t bring Oreo 8.1 like the OnePlus 5/5T’s latest Open Beta, so the 3 and 3T are still on Oreo 8.0. Let’s get into the changes.

Starting with the Phone app, the update brings an automatic answering gesture. When the phone rings, you can raise the handset towards your ear and the call will connect. Meanwhile, the Gallery App sees the most changes: There’s a new design under the Collections tab with a new function to reorder the view of images and there’s a new “recently deleted Collection” so you can more easily keep track of unintentionally deleted memories.

OnePlus’ migration app called OnePlus Switch is also getting an update. It will now transfer app data from an old device. This makes the switch far more seamless since you won’t need to set up apps from scratch. Still, we’d imagine that not 100% of apps’ data can be moved this easily.
Finally, the update also brings the phone up to date with Android’s February security patch, along with “General bug fixes and improvements”.
Again, these updates apply to the latest Open Beta build and not the latest public release.