Just yesterday we mentioned that camera samples from the Galaxy S9 are the last thing that's npt been leaked just yet, and lo and behold, today we have a new leak that will happily overthrow this statement.

A Twitter user going by @MMDDJ_ has recently shared what they claim to be a crop of a photo allegedly taken with the Galaxy S9 comparing it with a similar picture taken by the Galaxy S8. Why a crop and not the full picture, you might ask, and this will be a valid and thoroughly logical question. Other Twitter users wondered the same and were told "That's not allowed" by the leakster. All fair, but let's investigate further

Before we begin, a disclaimer needs to be taken into consideration.

First of all, there's no way to check the EXIF of the pictures and see if they are really taken with the "advertised" phones. Wishful thinking aside, we should really take these with a grain of salt and all, as there's no telling if the leak is legitimate or not. Looking back on the leakster's profile, they seem to have a certain track record of leaks, but again, question everything in your lives.

Secondly, these pictures you'll see below seem to be screenshots of the actual photos as you can notice the handle of the Edge panel on the right side of the pictures. Normally, Edge panels can be turned off and they will not show up in screenshots, but by default, they are enabled and visible.

So, what does the photo crop show? Well, it depicts a city skyline shot from withing a building, which is usually a recipe for unimpressive dynamic range and overblown highlights due to the way brighter lighting conditions on the outside. Judging from these two samples alone, the Galaxy S9 seems to have a way better dynamic range reproduction than its predecessor as well as better detail rendition to the point where it could be considered vastly oversharpened. As a user on Reddit mentioned, it almost looks as if the Galaxy S9 shot in HDR mode and the Galaxy S8 took the picture with HDR forced off, which seems to coincide with what we see below.

S9 alleged pic
S8 alleged pic